We believe that every person who suffers from the disease of addiction or experiences mental health complications deserves an opportunity to have a life worth living, without the destruction of addiction or the debilitating suffocation of a mental health disorder.


Today Counseling of Nevada is a comprehensive drug, alcohol and mental health outpatient counseling center, providing clients with the most current evidence-based therapy. We currently offer outpatient (OP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs. Employees or consultants of Today Counseling of Nevada will abide by NAADAC code of ethics, first and foremost “Do No Harm.”

Guiding Principle

Effective recovery and treatment attend to the whole person not just their illness.

The comprehensive approach we employ will include each area of life, including social, vocational, educational, physical, mental health, and environmental. It is our belief that the whole person is addressed appropriately and each barrier to recovery planned for.

Your recovery process is your own.  It is our belief that there is no one path to long-term recovery and no one service that is appropriate for every individual. Your needs will be tailored to your individual strengths. Our client-centered comprehensive therapy will be a partnership and driven by that alliance, we are not experts we are partners.


You may require varying combinations of services, both clinical and recovery support during the course of recovery. It is vital that our services be appropriate to your age, gender, ethnicity, language, culture, and stage in their recovery.   To promote recovery it is necessary to maintain services however long they are needed. This will depend on each client’s needs and will require a vast array of coordinating, finding sources of funding for our clients. Our belief in a “Client First” philosophy means that we will make every effort to provide treatment before financial gain.

Next Steps...

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