Maria E. Job


While there are many approaches to therapy, I hold the belief that each person is uniquely equipped with the answers, we just need to unlock those answers. Together through motivational interviewing and person-centered process questions, I will help you come to your own conclusions, this rendering you gradually more equipped over time to come up with effective life solutions with increasing ease.

My approach is highly person-centered with uniquely strong therapeutic boundaries. This will empower you to come to rely on yourself for problem-solving and effectively coping with discomfort. I look forward to watching you grow and become the empowered individual you want to be.
I will be completing my Masters in August 2018, from Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction. I'm heavily trauma informed and would like the opportunity to help you identify, explore, and overcome traumas that may impede your ability to care for yourself. I look forward to talking with you about helping you meet your goals